The first carrier-grade live video broadcasting solution for the Internet, BG Live enables customers to deliver live streams to a broad set of devices, is highly scalable, fault tolerant, and extremely affordable.
Grow your audience with the leading solution for live streaming, BG Live. BG Live is a global, carrier-grade, HD quality live streaming solution that is easy-to-implement, scalable, and cost-effective. Since its launch in 2008, organizations large and small have relied on BG Live to broadcast one-time events, weekly meetings, 24/7 broadcasts, and more.

With broad encoder, protocol, and device support, BG Live enables you to reach your viewers wherever they are and however they choose to watch, including through PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile devices (iOS, Android, Blackberry), or set top boxes.

Check out the Instant Demo to see what you can do with BG Live. Or for an in-depth review of the marketplace, essential criteria for selecting providers and more, get instant access to our 25-minute Webcast.

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  • Network Presence: Nodes around the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and India. View our network map.
  • Network Reach: Integrated with the largest global Tier 1 reach network in the world extending into over 200 countries and territories.
  • Network Architecture: A global reach allows us to build a fully distributed, massively scalable architecture at affordable prices. Shortened routes and a high capacity network allows us to deliver live broadcasts instantly. High throughput ensures play without buffering or freezing.

Performance & Scalability

  • Simultaneous Viewers: Streaming supported for up to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous worldwide users.
  • Delay: A delay of 4 to 6 seconds between the live feed and the feed when viewed by end users.

Video Feature Support

  • DVR-Like Controls: Users can pause, rewind, restart, and jump to any point within a live broadcast.
  • Configuration: Customer configurable CNAMEs.
  • Bitrates: Support for delivery of multiple bitrates is standard.
  • Security: Available as an optional security package. BitGravity URLs can be secured based on expiry time, enabled / disabled by country, IP address, or user-agent match string. In the US, the BitGravity URLs of the content may be enabled / disabled at the metro level.
  • Archiving: Optional archiving of live streams.
  • Flash Players: Support for the free BitGravity Flash Player (supports Advanced Progressive), Flowplayer, JW Player, and more.
  • Delivery Control: Customers can choose the global region(s) from where their content may be served
  • Customers can maintain control to where their content may be (and may not be) served by the CDN, including at the country level or at the metro level (US only).


  • Encoders Supported: Support for FMLE, Wirecast, Kulabyte, NewTek Tricaster, Inlet Spinnaker, and the BitGravity encoder.
  • Stream Ingestion: We accept streams from 300 Kbps to 2 Mbps.
  • Output Protocols: HTTP, HLS, RTMP, RTMPE, RTMPTE, RTSP, and Silverlight.
  • Supported Devices: Flash-enabled desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices, and set-top boxes; iOS devices (Apple iPhones and iPads), Android devices, Windows 7 devices, Blackberry devices that support H.264, and more.
  • Resolutions: Support for up to 1080p at 30 fps.

Reporting and Analytics

  • Real-time and historic textual and graphical reporting provides status of live feeds, number of concurrent streams, and network latency between the feed and BitGravity's video delivery service—BG Video Delivery.


  • 24 x 7 email and phone support included at no extra cost.
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