BG Web Site Acceleration enables Web publishers to speed the delivery of HTML, CSS, images, audio, videos, and most static files that comprise Web sites.
For companies that want to dramatically reduce Web page load times, serve smooth playing videos, scale software delivery, and more, BG Web Site Acceleration is the only global solution that offers the unparalleled reliability and performance of content acceleration on a Tier 1 network.

Most content acceleration solutions offer limited network coverage, varying levels of reliability and performance, point solutions, and limited device support. BG Web Site Acceleration offers delivery of a wide variety of content, such as Web assets, videos, software, and more to a wide variety of devices, including PCs, tablets, mobile devices, and IPTVs. The result is a world-class experience for your audience no matter where they are and how they are accessing your content.


  • Our parent company, Tata Communications, owns the world's largest Tier 1 network, providing superior reliability and performance to end users in over 200 countries and territories. View our network map.
  • Nodes are located around the globe, including North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and India.

Web Site & Account Configuration

  • Flexible choice of storage configurations: Customers can have the CDN pull files from their origin server, use cloud storage, or upload content and use the CDN's origin servers.
  • Customer configurable CNAMEs.
  • Billing: Support for GB delivered or 95th percentile billing.

Content, Content Management & Devices

  • Deliver HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, images, video, and more.
  • Rich proxy capabilities, including query string handling and custom header processing.
  • Control over HTTP header responses.
  • Rapid cache purging within the CDN.
  • Override TTL for cached objects specified by the origin.
  • API support for cache purging by object in the CDN.
  • Customers retain full control of their content and have the ability to add, delete, rename, and update their own content.
  • Supported Devices: Support for browsers on PCs, tablets, mobile devices, and set-top boxes.

Delivery Support, Control & Security

  • Supported Protocols: HTTP.
  • Multi-format video delivery: HTTP, RTMP, RTSP.
  • Support for authentication with customer origin.
  • Support for reverting to a secondary origin in case the primary origin server is unavailable.
  • Control the region(s) from where files are served.
  • Support for geo-blocking with directory-level control over where the content may and may not be served by the CDN, country, or metro level (US only).
  • SSL delivery to end users using the BitGravity certificate.
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